Grit bins

As winter specialists Gritting Works can provide a full range of options for facilities and premises managers with relation to their grit bins including:
- Supply of grit bins 
- Grit bin refills
- Old salt removal
- Cleaning inside and out (done with mobile high pressure washers)
- Grit bin hire
- Periodic inspections

Grit bin refill

Grit bin refill and cleaning

A common site across many premises is the neglected grit bin filled with rock salt which would require a chisel to remove! Make sure your grit bins are always ready throughout the winter months, our team will attend your premises and;
- Remove any hardened salt for disposal at our facility
- Clean your grit bin inside and out
- Refill with either white or brown salt (bagged or loose)

Grit bin cleaning

Our mobile pressure washing system allows us to clean your grit bins and other street furniture whether they are near running water or not.

If you premises requires that pristine look then get in touch about our mobile cleaning systems.

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