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Snow clearance services

Gritting works is one of the few firms able to provide mechanised snow clearance services to it's customers in Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Delivered in-house through our own vehicles and staff without the need to rely on sub-contractors we have built a reliable service designed to be there for our customers when needed the most.

We will always put our contract and pay per visit gritting customers first before undertaking ad-hoc work when it does snow. To guarantee service please get in touch and speak to us about our winter maintenance contracts.

Snow Clearance

"We were offered a competitive price and outstanding service for the snow clearing and gritting of our commercial car park and walk ways. On the morning after a snowy 24hrs, all our customers were amazed when arriving to work to find a clear and safe car park area”

Lakeside Asset Management, Chafford Hundred

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The image to the left was taken at one of our sites in Dunmow and provides a great example of how our snow clearance services keeps sites usable during adverse weather. During the night the premises had received around 7-9cm of snow which was ploughed and then gritted to maintain access to the care home. Despite the snow continuing over night, the next morning (when the picture was taken) the driveway up a steep hill was still clear and usable.

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