Snow clearance services for Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex

Alongside our gritting services our 4x4s are capable of snow ploughing. Whilst not every site requires it, many of our customers insist on using a company which has it's own machinery for clearing snow and not being reliant on sub-contractors for snow clearance.

Our snow clearance services are utilised by customers throughout Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex to keep their premises operational in the most extremes of weather.

We will always put our contracted customers first before undertaking ad-hoc work. To guarantee service please get in touch and speak to us about our contracted snow clearance.

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The image to the left was taken at one of our sites in Dunmow and provides a great example of how our snow clearance services keeps sites usable during adverse weather. During the night the premises had received around 7-9cm of snow which was ploughed and then gritted to maintain access to the care home. Despite the snow continuing over night, the next morning (when the picture was taken) the driveway up a steep hill was still clear and usable.

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