Liquid Deicing

Liquid Deicing

As the weather gets cold you will find our dedicated liquids team out protecting our customers premises.

Liquids are ideal for areas which may not have as much traffic as they activate from the moment they are put down, these areas include:
- Cycle paths
- Pedestrian Areas
- Footpaths

We also use low corrosive liquids to treat multi-story car parks which helps to reduce the effect of spalling and other damage to the car park structure.

From normal brine to low corrosive high powered liquid deicers that are effective in the harshest of weather we keep a range of different liquids in stock allowing us to best provide to your requirements.

One of the biggest problems we know users have encountered in the past is not being able to see which areas have been treated.

As with our gritting once a site has been treated with liquid deicer our customers receive a details report including a detailed overhead showing areas treated and how much liquid has been used.

Speak to the team about liquid deicers