Gritting Works Moves Forward With Hilltip spreaders

Gritting Works has started to invest in newer gritters for the 2020/2021 season and have selected Hilltip as their preferred choice. Made from a solid polyethylene and using stainless steel for the auger and spinner the Hilltip spreaders are built to last and should provide a reliable service over many winters to come.

With the latest technology in GPS tracking and automatic spread rates the Hilltip spreader allows operators to select the exact grams per square metre of salt for the conditions and reduce any wastage or over salting.

The Hilltip spreader allows for GPS reports to be dispatched to clients detailing time and date of attendance along with spreading rates and total salt usage.

Hilltip Spreader

“We are always looking at new ways of working and reducing our impact on the environment which using Hilltip will allow us to continue to do. The build quality from what we have seen so far is exceptional and we are looking forward to the reduced maintenance needed on them in the off season.. By using Hilltip we can better serve our customers going forward and increase the value of the services we offer”

Nick Cox, Managing Director

Gritting Works is  based in Stansted and provides gritting services and winter maintenance throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

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