How much does gritting cost?

How much does gritting cost?

Gritting costs vary depending on the location, size and activation temperature of the premises. Many choose a surface temperature of 0° as the activation point but if this is raised then there will be an increase in service delivery and charges.

If budgets are tight and you are worried about how much gritting costs then CPV (charge per visit) gritting may be the best option for you. CPV means you will only be billed for the amount of times gritting actually takes place so a mild winter could see you save money. However this must come with a warning that should the winter feature prolonged cold spells the costs will rise.

If you want to average out your winter maintenance spend then fixed price contracts (FPC's) may be more suited. Gritting Works provides FPCs to companies which covers their entire treatments for that winter for a pre-agreed price. FPC's generally last between one and five seasons.

Minimum charges

Most gritting companies have a minimum charge per visit which can be as little as £25 going up to £55 for a basic gritting visit dependant on the company and area you are in.

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